Intention manifestation candles



The candles are hand-made of top-class soy wax and essential oils appropriately selected for a specific intention.

All semi-products are of natural origin and are appropriately selected for specific intentions, so that the magic performed with them could bring the best effects possible.

The power of natural soy wax combined with appropriately selected aromas for specific intentions strengthens their magic power.

Thanks to the transformational energy of fire, a candle will enable to implement the changes and achieve the goals you dream of.

The candles are hand-made by me, and additionally strengthened to achieve better effects. Besides the beautiful smell in your home, you receive a strengthening power of transformation.

Candles currently on offer:

  • Protection – the strengthening power of appropriately selected essential oils enables to surround yourself with protective energy.
  • Luck – are you looking for motivation and a stroke of luck in your life? This candle is for you!
  • Purification – purification of space as well as energy surrounding you helps to release yourself from obstructions.
  • Abundance – fertility and increasing the spiritual and material abundance.
  • Prosperity – most of all financial. A perfect candle for individuals seeking a better financial path.
  • Health – this candle supports our energy, enabling us to free ourselves from any bad energy that surrounds us.
  • Love – its name speaks for itself. This candle helps to introduce harmony in existing relationships, improves relationships, and helps to attract love to your life.

Burn time: 40 h
Capacity: 200 ml


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