About me

Kinga Oliwia Kujawa

My name is Kinga and you can easily say I was born with a deck of cards in my hands.

When I was 8 years old, I got hooked on cartomancy with playing cards under the watchful eye of my neighbour. This passion soon grew to comprise the Tarot. Even though cards have helped me numerous times, I, too – like probably everybody – faced a serious crisis in my life and I looked for possible solutions to my situation.

That was when I started exploring astrology, which provided me with the knowledge of myself. When I got to know myself and my potential, when I finally stopped fighting, I managed to overcome all adversities. Astrology discovered a whole new world for me. Quite naturally, I wanted to learn more about it. My passion was constantly growing, and my hunger for astrological knowledge couldn’t be satisfied with a couple of books. Well, this is the very nature of a Sagittarius 🙂

Finally, I decided to start learning astrology in the London School of Astrology. In recent years, I have been exploring the secrets of astrology under the supervision of many excellent teachers and specialists, such as Lada Duchevna and Laszlo Simon. I am still learning, adapting to the modern, fluctuating world. Today, astrology constitutes a crucial part of my everyday life. I follow the stars and planets in my private life as well as in my career. I want to share everything I know with others. I show my clients that thanks to astrology we can have a real influence on our lives and change them for the better.

I am nothing like a medieval witch with a black cat, although many people sometimes imagine my profession like that. Ordinary people come to me before important decisions concerning their love life or business affairs. I help them to get through the blackest moments in their lives, when only the top of their head seems to stick out of the swamp. I never tell them what to do. They usually know already.


What can I do for you?

Make better decisions in life and be ready for what the nearest future brings.
Ask me one question, and I will analyse your possible choices.
Make use of your potential, understand your strengths, and learn how to use them!
Based on your exact date of birth, I will show you what changes and challenges await you, as well as what will be good for you and what to watch out for.
I will show you what changes you can anticipate, what to watch out for, and how to make decisions so as to make the best use of your unique potential in that period.
It doesn’t matter if you are stuck in a job you don’t like, you have some financial problems, or you are not well – the abundance ritual will bring you the light in the tunnel and everything will be back on track.
Are you looking for a partner? Do you want to fix your relationship? Or perhaps you just want to improve the atmosphere in your home? The love ritual will bring you the favour of other people and will allow you to attract love to your life.
No matter whether you are under the influence of negative people, your own fears, addictions, or limitations – the cutoff ritual will allow you to free yourself from whatever hinders your development.

Do you have any more questions?

I will be happy to dispel all your doubts and tell you more how I can help you!


Professional astrological analyses, horoscopes and rituals to attract the change you have been waiting for.

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