Free yourself from what is BAD for you CUTOFF RITUAL

No matter whether you are under the influence of negative people, your own fears, addictions, or limitations – the cutoff ritual will allow you to free yourself from whatever hinders your development. It is you who decides what is just starting, and how. Take a breath. Finally start enjoying your life!

Cutoff ritual – get rid of what is hurting you

Magic is a natural and inextricable element of your reality, whether you believe in it or not.

The cutoff ritual is a unique ceremony during which I use the energy of deities, planets, and forces of nature in order to activate my own energy.

Thanks to the right deities, prayers, charms, crystals, herbs, candles, and aura, I direct their power to your individual intention connected with what has the most negative influence on you – even if it is another person!

Who is the cutoff ritual addressed to?

Whoever feels that their own emotions, other people, or bad habits are pulling them down, can make use of the power of the cutoff ritual. The ritual will allow you to finally free yourself from:

  • Toxic people – you will get rid of people who steal your energy, health, self-confidence, or enthusiasm, and you will start to change your life for the better.
  • Harmful addictions – you will give up your addictions or bad habits sooner and for good, even if all other methods have failed! And it doesn’t matter if you are addicted to harmful substances, behaviour, or people.
  • Fears that limit you – the burden you have been carrying on your shoulders will disappear; you will start thinking positive and you will distance yourself from the reality.
  • Curses, attachments, or evil eyes – you never know whether your bad streak is not caused by some negative energy cast on you. The ritual will cleanse you of toxins and will finally bring happiness to your life.

Firstly,Choose your intention!

Besides the general intention, the ritual will also include burning of a piece of paper with your personal intention written on it beforehand. Everybody makes their own personal intention not later than one day before the ritual. It is important to be fully aware and precise in formulating your ritual request. You need to know what your problem is and what specifically you want to eliminate from your life.

Secondly,What does the cutoff ritual look like?

When your order is finalised, you will receive an invitation to a special ritual group online. Each ritual is live and it usually takes ca. 10-20 minutes. Before the ritual, I will ask you to prepare your personal intention and your own candle, which you will burn with us during the ritual. I will also tell you exactly what colour the candle should be.

Thirdly,When will you see the effects of the ritual?

I can’t guarantee a specific date when the ritual will start working. Effects are sometimes visible already in a day, sometimes you have to wait three months. The most important thing is to believe the ritual will help you to free yourself of negative influences, sooner or later.

Order your cutoff ritual now!

Click the button below, order the cutoff ritual, and start noticing positive changes in your life.

You have a chance to influence your life only 12 times a year!

Each cutoff ritual is held every month, on the day of the full moon, so that you could enter a new moon cycle full of strength and pure energy.

If you wish to see the change for the better soon, you should act NOW!

How long are you ready to carry all your burdens on your shoulders?

Is the cutoff ritual safe?

Not only is the cutoff ritual completely safe, but it also helps you to get rid of everything that is dangerous for you!

There are two kinds of magic: black and white. I only use white magic, the good one.

Hence it will never bring any harmful effects to you or other people. There are no side effects, also in other areas of life.

All you need to do is believe you can change your life for the better and use the right words to express your intention.

My e-book on how to make intentions will be soon available for sale.

Who performs the rituals?

Kinga Oliwia Kujawa

Professional astrological qualifications
11 years of experience
Clients all over the world

My name is Kinga and astrology is my way of life.

I have been working with cards since I was eight years old. I also graduated from the prestigious London School of Astrology.

I studied under the supervision of the most distinguished experts from all over the world.

Today, I help lost and confused people to find their potential and to get back to the path they have lost.

How much are you willing to pay for your peace of mind?

Success Quantum – an offer for the determined
PLN monthly
  • 4 rituals a month (abundance, love, cutoff, protection)
  • Sabbaths
  • Access to the ritual group
  • E-book on how to make effective intentions
  • Conversation session with me devoted to the rituals once a month
  • Message for each week – live
Ritual subscription (very popular)
PLN monthly
  • 2 rituals a month (two to choose from: abundance, love, cutoff)
  • Access to the ritual group
  • E-book on how to make effective intentions
  • Conversation session with me devoted to the rituals once a month
  • Message for each week – live
Cutoff ritual
PLN monthly
  • Cutoff ritual once a month
  • Access to the ritual group
  • E-book on how to make effective intentions

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