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Purification is available in one of the following options:

Basic purification:

  • of psychic hooks,
  • malediction attacks, evil eyes, thoughtforms,
  • curses, attachments, astral parasites, etc.

Extended purification comprises the basic purification and:

  • reaching for the causes and work with energy
  • chakra harmonisation
  • releasing family constellation problems – work in process

The session consists in the process of meditation, with simultaneous connection with the client’s energy. Each of us is different, each has different needs; therefore, each session is different as it is adapted to particular needs of a specific individual.

The purification process is performed by Joanna Szczepanek, an experienced specialist, Tetha healer, EFT and quantum therapist with many years of experience. . Joanna works with energy on multiple planes, making use of her knowledge of different energy practices to purify your energy and restore its proper flow.

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