Your Subconscious Mind, Your Goals: Practical Tips for a Quantum Year

Have you ever wondered about the power of your subconscious mind in achieving your goals?

It is where the key to success and fulfilment lies.

The subconscious plays a key role in shaping our actions, approaches and, most importantly, in achieving our goals.

It is the hidden areas of our mind that store not only our beliefs and values, but also our past experiences, both positive and negative.

So how does the subconscious affect our daily lives and our ability to succeed?

1. Beliefs and Values:

The subconscious is the storehouse of our beliefs and values, which have a huge impact on our choices.

If the subconscious is saturated with beliefs about one’s self-worth and ability to succeed, it is easier to take risks and challenges.

2. Programming Habits and Habits:

It is in the subconscious that our habits are ingrained. When something becomes a habit, we take it to an automatic level, which saves mental energy.

Creating positive habits enables us to achieve goals with less effort.

3. Reactions to Stress and Pressure:

The subconscious shapes our reactions to stress.

People who have positive subconscious programming cope better with difficulties and usually approach them with a more flexible approach.

4. Creating Reality:

The subconscious has the ability to create our reality.

What we believe about ourselves and the world influences how we see opportunities.

Positive thinking and visualising goals help to achieve them.

5. Limiting Beliefs:

On the other hand, limiting beliefs that take root in the subconscious can act as a barrier.

Even if you are consciously pursuing a goal, if the subconscious believes it is impossible, it can sabotage your efforts.

6. Embedded Memories:

Past experiences stored in the subconscious affect our present actions.

Understanding and processing these memories can free us from blockages and enable us to achieve successes.

In practice, conscious programming of the subconscious through affirmations, visualisations, meditations or even therapeutic techniques such as RTT hypnosis enables us to direct our mind towards goals and success.

Being aware of how the subconscious influences our actions gives us control over our lives and allows us to consciously shape our reality.

The subconscious as a powerful ally

The subconscious is an unfathomable mystery, yet a powerful tool. In the process of building positive habits and achieving goals, it is crucial to understand how it influences our decisions, attitudes and actions. Imagine it like steering a ship – the conscious is the surface of the water and the subconscious is the giant glacier beneath it.

Although we are not aware of its full size, it affects the direction and speed of our movement.

Building Positive Habits

Define Step-by-Step Goals:

Set goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-defined (SMART method). This is the foundation.

Small Everyday Steps:

Instead of throwing yourself in at the deep end, make small, daily changes.

This is more sustainable and effective than a sudden revolution.

Create Positive Routines:

Create habits that support your goals.

A habit is like a footprint on the beach – the more often you walk the same path, the deeper the footprint becomes.

Shaping the Subconscious through Hypnosis and HeartHealing

Hypnosis RTT: Regressive Trauma Therapy (RTT) is a tool that allows us to access the deep layers of the subconscious, uncovering the sources of limiting beliefs.

By understanding the past, we can better shape the future.

Hearthealing: this technique focuses on the heart as a central point of energy.

Through heart practices, such as meditation or affirmations, we can build positive vibrations and direct our subconscious towards success.

If you wish to work on your mindset to achieve your goals and live your quantum year I would like to invite you to book yourself a Heart Healing Therapy, to remove any blocks that may stand on your way, and program your mind to believe in achieving your goals!

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