The Secret of Healing: HeartHealing® Therapy

6 November 2023by Kinga Oliwia Kujawa

Have you ever wondered why certain beliefs and emotions seem to block your efforts to achieve wholeness in life, especially when it comes to money and wealth?

The heart contains a secret that can help you achieve profound transformation and freedom.

HeartHealing® Therapy:

A Revolution in Healing

HeartHealing® is a revolutionary approach to healing applied in the subconscious state that professionally combines scientific,

spiritual and energetic principles to achieve lasting and profound changes, compared to most purely scientific or purely spiritual methods.

This method offers more than standard techniques – It is life-changing and life-affecting, deeper healing and the discovery of your full potential in just one 1-hour session (the effect is staggering).

Most methods in the transformational industry focus solely on the power of the mind, and while mind transformation can be powerful, it is only one layer.

HeartHealing® is the missing link to wholeness and focuses on the most radical and powerful transformation you can ever experience: healing the heart.

Your heart contains the wisdom and knowledge of what is really holding you back and it is the heart that will poke at the hidden wounds your mind cannot see.

According to quantum physics, the heart has an energy frequency 5000 higher than the mind, so it makes sense that healing the heart results in a much greater transformation than healing the mind alone.


The capacity for Change and Achievement

Have you wondered why you are stuck at a certain stage in your life, especially when it comes to finances?

Maybe you know you are destined for more, but you feel an invisible wall blocking you. HeartHealing® therapy helps you break down these barriers.

This combination of scientific and spiritual techniques means that this method imprints change at the level of the mind, heart and soul,

leading to a deep and profound transformation that other methods simply cannot match.

How does it work?

  1. Healing from beliefs about your own inadequacy.
  2. Unlocking financial success and attracting a higher income.
  3. Deeper relationships and self-love.
  4. Freedom from trauma and negative influences.
  5. Achieving peace and inner wholeness.
  6. Transformation in relationships with family and partners.

Are you ready for profound changes in your life?

Give your heart a chance to heal and discover your true potential. Join this revolution in healing and achieve what you really want in life! 💖🚀✨


Here are just some of the results that clients have reported about the releases and changes

(some are almost immediate, others gradually unfold throughout the package):

  • Healing of the wound of not being enough so that you feel you are enough. Change in appearance and self-esteem
  • Deep healing around extreme trauma, including sexual abuse
  • Unlocking the first 5-digit, multi-5-digit and even 6- and multi-6-digit months!
  • Charge higher prices for your work, including easily securing clients paying 5-digit sums.
  • Earning more money with ease after finally feeling able to release passive income offers
  • Deeper and more loving relationships with partners as they can now receive love and money without self-sabotage.
  • Deep healing of their father’s mother’s wounds that were holding them back in business (e.g. feeling inadequate due to critical parents).
  • Feeling inner peace and wholeness for the first time in their lives
  • Significant changes in self-esteem, self-love and self-confidence that allow them to show up more strongly in their businesses.
  • Tremendous changes in relationships with parents, partners and children by healing their hidden relationship wounds.
  • Healing from previous lives (occasionally may occur during heart healing).
  • Freedom from narcissistic abuse and the strength to not be influenced by that person if they are still in her life.
  • Receiving higher levels of money through their work.


How to achieve this?

The 1:1 package is for you if you…

  • You feel that you are stuck at a certain level of income or are experiencing months of feast and famine in your business or feel that you cannot have it all.
  • You are a high achiever and consistent 5-figure, multi-5-figure, 6-figure (or even multi-6-figure) months or launches are something you have as part of your vision.
  • You want to get off this rollercoaster without feeling good enough, valuable enough or like you can really trust yourself and your skills
  • Success seems to involve sacrifice, hustle or struggle for relationships, self or health
  • You know you are destined for more, but there seems to be an invisible wall blocking you from reaching your full potential.
  • You want to receive and maintain higher levels of money and wealth.
  • You’ve tried many other healing methods, coaches, healers, and ALL the business courses and even money approaches out there, and still something doesn’t seem to be rallying

Take advantage of the unique HeartHealing® session now:

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