Visible and invisible planets: Discovering the mysteries of the planets and their influence on our lives

The universe is full of fascinating and mysterious objects, including the planets, which have held an important place in astrology for centuries.

Each of these planets has its own specific characteristics and energies that influence our lives, characters, relationships and events. In astrology, we distinguish between two groups of planets: visible and invisible.

Why are they so important and what significance do they have in our journey through life? We invite you to explore the mysteries of the celestial influences on our existence.


Visible planets: radiance, energy and manifestation

The visible planets, i.e. those that we can observe in the sky with the naked eye, are the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars.

They are associated with the energy we feel and perceive in our daily lives.

1. The Sun

The main source of light and energy for our planet. In astrology it is the symbol of ego, identity, will, and lifestyle. The position of the Sun in our horoscope can say a lot about our character and aspirations.


2. Moon

Symbol of feelings, the subconscious and intuition. Its cycles influence our emotions, intuition and ability to express ourselves.


3. Mercury

Planet of communication, thinking and intellect. Its position in our horoscope influences our communication skills and analytical thinking.


4. Venus

Planet of love, relationships and beauty. Its position influences our relationship and aesthetic abilities.


5. Mars

Planet of activation, energy and action. Its position in our horoscope influences our determination and ability to take action.


These visible planets help us to understand aspects of our personality and what energies we can use to achieve harmony and success in life.


Invisible planets: Spirituality and transformation


The invisible planets are those that are not visible in the sky to the naked eye: Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

Although we cannot see their brilliance, their influence on our lives is just as strong, if not stronger.


1. Jupiter

Planet of expansion, faith and spiritual growth. Its position in our horoscope indicates our capacity for growth and self-confidence.

2. Saturn

Planet of responsibility, structure and learning through experience. Its position influences our ability to achieve goals and overcome difficulties.

3. Uranus

Planet of innovation and change. Its energy influences our need for freedom and the search for new and unconventional solutions.

4. Neptune

Planet of dreams, intuition and spirituality. Its position in our horoscope influences our ability to understand deeper meanings and connect with our intuition.

5. Pluto

Planet of transformation, regeneration and transfiguration. Its energy influences our ability to transform ourselves and our lives.


These invisible planets focus our attention on spirituality, transformation and the deeper meaning of life. They help us discover our true calling and follow our own purpose.


Summary: Harmony of the visible and invisible


Understanding both the influence of the visible and invisible planets allows us to create harmony and balance in our lives.

It allows us to better understand our desires, choices and potential.

Astrology is not only the science of the planets, but more importantly a tool to help us find our path through life, discover our strengths and transform our challenges into strength.

Allow yourself to discover the secrets of the celestial universe and apply this knowledge to your life.

Find the balance between the visible and the invisible and let astrology accompany you on your path to personal growth and fulfilment.🌠💫

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