What are astrological rituals?


Rituals have been part of human life for as long as records exist.

Simply put, rituals are traditional activities that are performed for more than just functional purposes – they have significant symbolic meaning, often focusing on inspiring group unity or evoking specific emotions or events.

Rituals vary from culture to culture, but all serve to create an experience that goes beyond the daily grind.

Therefore, no matter what shape or form rituals come in, their underlying message remains one of bonding and personal growth.

Although many people who hear about astrological rituals think of an exotic mix of superstition and ancient tradition, they are actually more common than you might imagine.

Astrological rituals are simply regular ceremonies in which we perform certain activities in which we focus on specific aspects of life that we would like to improve or make more harmonious.

This can be as simple as taking a few minutes each day to meditate on stillness or focusing on creative ideas.

Sometimes astrological rituals include crystals, feathers, or other material objects.

Ultimately, astrology can be used as another tool in your toolbox to make your life easier and flow a little smoother.

Astrological rituals performed by Tree of Wisdom

  • are regular ceremonies, performed during the full and new moon, where we use the energy of the gods, planets and forces of nature to activate your own energy.

With appropriate godess prayers, incantations, crystals, herbs, candles and auras, we channel their power into your individual intention – related to your professional life, business, health and psyche

Which rituals can you join?

Ritual for prosperity

– help your luck
Magic surrounds us everywhere. It is a natural part of everyday life – whether we realise it or not.
Whether you’re stuck in a job you don’t like, having financial problems or your health is limping along – a prosperity ritual will bring you that light at the end of the tunnel and get everything back on track. You are in control of your reality!

Who is this ritual for?

Anyone who is struggling can use the power of the prosperity ritual:

  • in business – it helps to attract new clients, increase orders and improve the financial situation of the company,
  • in career – attracts new income opportunities, helps you find a new job, see more career prospects,
  • in health – attracts a higher vibration of health, both physical and mental.


Love ritual

– repair your love life

Magic surrounds you every day.

It is a natural part of your everyday life – whether you believe in it or not.

A love ritual is a unique ritual where I use the energy of the gods, planets and forces of nature to activate my own energy.

With the appropriate deities, prayers, incantations, crystals, herbs, candles and auras, I direct their power to your intention, related to your love life and relationships with other people.

Whether you are looking for a partner, want to mend relationships in a relationship or simply want to improve the atmosphere in your home – a love ritual will give you the favour of other people and allow you to attract love into your life and help you overcome the dilemmas of your heart.

Who is this ritual for?

Anyone with serious problems or minor turmoil in their emotional life can use the power of the love ritual:

  • in a current relationship – it helps you to overcome the fear of losing your partner, strengthen your bond with them and get them more strongly interested in you,
  • in looking for a new partner – attracts love, increases the interest of others in your person, strengthens your love attraction,
  • in mending relationships with loved ones – increases other people’s favour towards you, improving the atmosphere at home.

Protection ritual

aims to protect: the person, things, beings, mind, feelings, etc. From the influence of evil energies, entities and persons.

Protection rituals are so widespread that a large number of Catholics use them…(holy houses after Christmas carols).

In this busy world, it is more and more common for people to fall into a state of depression or anxiety.

Protect your body and mind from negative energy actions from outside.

Free yourself from whatever is harming you, no matter if you are under the harmful influence of negative people, your own fears, addictions or limitations – the cut-off ritual will allow you to free yourself from whatever is hindering your development.

You decide what and how it just starts. take a breath.

Enjoy your life at last!


Cut OFF Ritual

-is a unique ceremony where I use energy and direct the power to your personal intention, related to what has the most negative impact on you – even if it is another person!

Who is the cut-off ritual dedicated to?

Anyone who feels that other people, their own emotions or bad habits are dragging them down can use the power of the cut-off ritual. The ritual will help you to finally break free from:

  • toxic people – you will get rid of people who take away your energy, health, confidence or enthusiasm, and you will begin to change your life for the better
  • harmful addictions – you will give up addictions or bad habits faster and forever, even if all other methods have not worked! Whether it’s an addiction to harmful substances, behaviours or people.
  • limiting fears – the burden that has been weighing you down will disappear, and instead you will start to think positively and gain a healthy distance from reality.
  • ill-will, attachments or an evil eye cast upon you – you never know if a bad streak isn’t the result of negative energy cast upon you.

The ritual will cleanse you of toxins and ensure that happiness finally begins to appear in your life.

Is the cut-off ritual safe?

Not only is the cut-off ritual completely safe, but it also helps you to get rid of what is dangerous to you on your own!


What do the rituals look like?

Once your order has been finalised, you will receive an invitation to a specifically online ritual group.

Each ritual takes place live and usually lasts about 10-20 minutes.

Beforehand, I will ask you to prepare a personal intention and your own candle, which you will burn with us during the ritual.

You will also receive information from me on exactly what colour the candle should be.

Choose your intention!

During the ritual, in addition to your general intention, there will also be the burning of a card with your predetermined intention.

At the latest the day before the ritual begins, each participant submits a personal intention.

It is important that you define your ritual request accurately and consciously.

You need to know what the problem is and what specifically you want to get rid of from your life.


When will you see the effects of the ritual?

I cannot guarantee you a specific date when the ritual will take effect.

Sometimes the effects are visible after just one day, other times you have to wait three months.

The most important thing is to believe that the ritual, sooner or later, will help you to free yourself from negative influences.

You only get the chance to influence your life 12 times a year!

Each ritual takes place every month, on the day which is a full moon.

So, if you want to see a change for the better in the near future, you should act NOW!
How much longer do you want to put up with what weighs you down so heavily?


Are rituals safe?

Magic is divided into black magic and white magic. I use the good, white magic.

So it has no power to affect you or others in a harmful way.

There are no side effects here – also in other spheres of life.

All you have to do is to believe that you can realistically change your life for the better, and then formulate your ritual intention accordingly.

You can learn how to create intentions properly from the my ebook “The Power of Intention”, available in my online shop.


Who leads the rituals?

Kinga Oliwia Kujawa – astrologer and hypnotherapist using the RTT technique.

Find out more about RTT HERE.

Astrology is her way of life.

She has been working with the cards since the age of eight and graduated from the prestigious London School of Astrology.

She has trained under some of the greatest experts in the field from around the world.

Today, she helps strayed and lost people find their potential and guide them on the right track, lost somewhere.

You can benefit from individual rituals, or join the SUCCESS QUANTUM, which is a subscription that will allow you to participate in all rituals as well as Sabbaths, thus helping you to benefit from the energy of the Full and New Moon, occurring 12 times a year, and the energy of the planets it enters.

I would like to invite you to join now.



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