What gemstone will give you power for your zodiac sign?


Each zodiac sign has its own lucky stone.

Gems and various minerals have their own magical powers.

Many astrologers or fortune tellers believe that having the right stone favours favourable fate and protects against misfortune.

Stones can be selected according to the zodiac sign or even the month in which they appear.

It is often the case that the zodiac sign we were born with is not our dominant sign, or even if it is, it is not the only one.

For this reason, gems or minerals should be chosen individually.

Each stone has its own power, it releases a different energy.

If this energy is in line with the energy we eminate, the stone will ‘attract’ us.

We will like it the most out of all other minerals and it will feel good in our hand.

That is why it is better to go to a mineral and gem market than to choose a stone based on your zodiac sign.

The zodiac sign will help us to choose a gift for our mother or girlfriend.

The probability of hitting on the right stone is high, but not 100%.

Gemstones and zodiac sign:
Aries – Jasper, Bloodstone (Amethyst, Garnet, Hematite, Ruby, Diamond)

Taurus – Malachite, Rose Quartz ( Agate, Hyacinth, Carnelian, Tourmaline, Emerald, Sapphire )

Twins – Agate, Tiger’s Eye ( Chalcedony, Mountain Crystal, Chrysopaz, Amber, Golden Beryl, Golden Topaz, Topaz, Carnelian, Aquamarine)

Cancer – Aventurine, Carnelian ( Opal, Moonstone, Amazonite, Emerald, Chrysoprase, Pearl)

Lion – Citrine, Buffalo Eye, Tiger’s Eye (Ruby, Topaz, Chrysolite, Mountain Crystal, Amber)

Virgo – Lapis Lazuli, Hawkeye (Topaz, Dalmatian Jasper, Nephrite, Hyacinth, Quartz with Rutile, Carnelian, Sapphire)

Libra – Chrysocolla, Leopard Jasper, Aquamarine ( Opal, Coral, Jadelite, Tourmaline, Topaz, Rhodochrosite, Lapis Lazuli)

Scorpio – Obsidian, Mountain Crystal (Garnet, Carnelian, Opal, Malachite, Sardonyx, Topaz, Tourmaline, Jasper, Hematite)

Sagittarius – Garnet, Chalcedony, Sapphire ( Turquoise, Sapphire Quartz, Lapis Lazuli, Sodalite, Chrysocolla, Magnesite, Topaz, Chrysolite )

Capricorn – Moonstone, Onyx (Chrysoprase, Smoky Quartz, Blue Spinel, Ruby, Unakite, Pearls, Malachite, Smoky Quartz)

Aquarius – Turquoise, Amethyst (Garnet, Aquamarine, Nephrite, Zircon, Fluorite)

Fish – Aquamarine, Heliotrope, Sapphire ( Amethyst, Coral, Kunzite, Chrysolite)


Gemstones vs. month of birth:
January – Garnet

February – Amethyst

March – Aquamarine

April – Diamond

May – Emerald

June – Pearl

July – Ruby

August – Chrysolite

September – Sapphire

October – Opal

November – Topaz

December – Turquoise


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